Interview Overview


Here's what a typical interview process can look like, from preparation to follow-up:

Review what a typical interview process can look like.
Get a business casual outfit together and iron it well ahead of time.
Get a coat, bag, hat and shoes that are appropriate for interview day - rain or shine.
Print a few copies of your resume to bring with you, if possible.
Bring a list of contact information for 3-5 references.
Look up directions and even swing by the location ahead of time to confirm where it is located.
Fill up the gas tank or help your ride do so.
Prepare questions that you can ask the interviewer(s).
Arrive on time.
Be confident, but not hammy or cocky.
Be ready to talk about your interests, skills, and experience, which are relevant to the job.
Let the interviewer initiate the shaking of hands.
Let the interviewer initiate the exchange of names.
Say your full name (first and last).
Maintain eye contact.
Chit-chat (small talk), but let the interviewer initiate this process more than not.
Speak clearly; articulate your words at a volumn that can be heard.
Ask where you should sit, if it is not obvious.
Offer your resume to the interviewer(s), if you brought copies.
Interviewer offers details of the job and perhaps the hiring process for the position.
Interviewer asks questions about you, your work experiences, interests, and goals in a variety of ways.
Interviewer might ask about your knowledge of the company.
Interviewer will be looking for signs of your work ethic and values.
Avoid answering with one word or saying "I don't know."
You can pause a bit to think, if need be.
You can ask the interview to repeat 1-2 questions, if you need to.
If you don't understand a word or part of a question, ask them to clarify.
Interviewer summarizes conversation 
You will be given an opportunity to ask the interviewers questions.
You restate interest in job
If the interviewer doesn't explain the next steps in the hiring process, ask about the next steps.
If they didn't ask for them already, offer them your contact list of references.
Ask for business card(s)
Send thank you note(s) within 48 hours (24 hours if at all possible).