Reality Checking


It's important to dream big.

It's equally important to figure out if and how dreams can become a reality.

When people strike that balance, they find work that they love, are employed regularly, and make enough money to achieve their financial and life goals.

How can you figure this out?

  1. We can do some research to figure what lifestyle we want, how much it costs to maintain that lifestyle, and if the career we are interested in will pay enough to maintain that lifestyle.
  2. We can also figure out if there are enough jobs available in a given field to get us and keep us informed, by doing labor market information (LMI) research.
  3. Last, but not least, we need to look at how much education for a given occupation will cost and how long it will take to pay that off.

The following resources will help:

MassCIS Reality Check Tools

Sign in as a 'Massachusetts Resident' or login to MassCIS. (Accounts are free!) Then go to the 'Assessment' section find the 'Reality Check' tool.  

JumpStart Reality Checking Tool

Take a simple survey to get some feedback about how the lifestyle you want matches up with the career you are interested in.

CareerWise Dream Jobs Reality Check

Do you have a dream job in mind? Find out what your chances are of becoming a celebrity or professional athlete.

Living Wage Calculator by MIT

Open the link above and click on a state and then a county to find out how much you will need to get paid per hour (as a single person, single person with a child, etc.) to make a "living wage". You will also find a breakdown of typical expenses and salaries for some of the more typical jobs.

College Reality Check

If you are planning to go to college, use this tool to think things through and make the wisest decision possible.

Education Debt Calculator & Resources by You Can Deal With It

Some additional tools to help youth get some perspective on education debt and how to deal with it.

The Cost of Living in Cities (Video)

This breif video provides information on how your finances could be affected by moving to a city.

Salary Search Tool