Goal Setting


Get your goals, ideas, and next steps on paper to help make them a reality!

Research shows that people who write down, revise and go after their goals on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and/or long-term basis are much more successful at achieving their goals. Additionally, the goals they achieve are often more interesting and impactful. Most of us have alot going on - on the inside and the outside. Also, life can change, making it harder to track and act on the things that are on our minds. Getting clear about our priorities, defining them, writing them down, and anchoring them in time and space is a huge step towards creating the life (and world) we want.

The Power of Noticing What You Don't Know

It's important to notice your passions, interests, and abilities. It's also important to notice what you don't know- that includes things you are curious about as well as skills and knowledge gaps. Questions point you towards pieces of the puzzle that you need in order to make an informed and supportive career decision. When questions pop up, "capture them"; write them down, along with details about how when you are going to get questions answered. There are so many ways to find the information we need: doing research online, talking to people we know, reaching out to professionals in the community, getting work experience (paid or unpaid), etc. In most cases, it is worth gathering information from many different sources and angles to get as much perspective as possible. 

Goal Setting Tools and Guides:

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Now that you have set some goals, use the resources in the Time Management section to greatly increase the likelihood that you will achieve them.