Embedding Career Pathways

The Career Pathways Toolkit

Designed by the US Dept. of Labor to guide states and school districts in forming partnerships and understanding the components of pathways education development.

Best Practices for Career Pathways and Credentials webinar (archive)

From the US Dept. of Labor's Workforce GPS site

Pathways to Careers program by Maryland's Westminster

An example of a program of studies, combined with a how to developed to accommodate all students in the school system.  Consisting of six different career clusters (Arts, Business Contact, Business Operations, Science, Social Services, and Technical).

Parthenon Report: The Promise of Early College in Massachusetts 

This report summarizes the findings of the research both in the Commonwealth and across the country, and proposes a framework for a Massachusetts Early College Initiative that could extend our state’s leadership in public education.

Career Pathways Toolkit

Designed for system development, some of the principals and steps outlined might prove to be useful to school administrators / designers.


The Massachusetts Career Development Education Guide

Provides a scope and sequence of activities as well as concrete frameworks that can be embedded into standard curriculum.

Connecting Activities School to Career Resources page

Includes links to curriculum and sites to support career development education and mass school counseling model

National Career Development Guidelines (NCDG) Overview

This framework provides an overview of key career development goals and benchmarks organized around a system of three domains, personal/social, educational, and career management.

DESE College and Career Readiness Data Resources Video Series

Covers where to find - and how to use - many College & Career Readiness data resources available on the websites of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education. Included are instructions on how to use District Profiles, Analysis Review Tools and various EDWIN reports.