For Educators

The goal of The Regional Employment Board's School to Career Program is to help school districts build bridges between the high school experience and the world of work in order to empower students to:

  • Make an informed career decision
  • Make strategic post-secondary education choices
  • Increase degree relevancy / reduce unnecessary education debt
  • Engage in more satisfying and supportive careers
  • Experience more positive career/life outcomes overall

Here we have compiled a number of Career Development Education Resources, Free Online Courses for general academics and industry specific topics, and a Calendar of professional development, events for youth, and grant/project opportunities.


What career development education (CDE) looks like in each school varies and can evolve from year-to-year. School to Career Partnerships are most effective when a district identifies a set of CDE goals and utilizes supports available through workforce development and the local community to achieve these goals over time.  The Regional Employment Board can assist schools to obtain thier objectives by providing training, helping to plan events, and identifying community resources through our program. Contact us for more information.