Career Exploration & Management Systems

MassCIS (Mass Career Information System) 

Is a FREE and POWERFUL online college/career exploration, portfolio, planning and management tool for users of all ages. Registration is not required, but schools have the option of creating their own accounts, so they can track individual student’s progress and much more. For more details (including how to sign up for a school account, click here!

MEFA Pathway: Your Plan for the Future

A web portal designed to help Massachusetts students (grades 6-12) manage their educational and career pathways. It provides students with one central planning site where they can organize their academic information, get free test-prep tutorials, research schools, track applications, apply for financial aid, and more.

Career Village

Connecting Professionals to Students for Online Career Advice.  What if we could promise every student in the world that we could get them the answer to any question about any career, from real-life professionals speaking from real-life experience? Our web platform matches the career questions students ask to our volunteer corps of over 15,000 working professionals with relevant expertise and a wealth of experiences to share. The advice students get is tailored for them, it’s reliable, and it’s encouraging and inspirational.

Career Ready 101

The Massachusetts Dept. of Labor has granted all workforce partners (career centers, community colleges) with licenses to use this online curriculum.  It includes lessons for "soft skills," as well as money management, and job specific trainings.  Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

Individual Learning Plans

Most online college/career exploration and management tools (MassCIS, MEFA Pathways, Career Cruising, Naviance) have a built in Individual Learning Plan (ILP), Personal Learning Plan, etc.  When possible, guide students to use this integrated tool.  DESE also provides a template for students as well as an ILP implementation guide and rubric for schools to utilize on the 'Additional College and Career Readiness Supports and Initiatives' page of their College and Career Readiness site.

For more information, please see the 'Career Decision-Making' of the Job Seekers section of the website.