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Summer Jobs, Want One?

Here are some things to think about as you look for a summer job….



Talk to everyone you know including your friends, your parents, your friends’ parents and your parents’ friends, relatives, neighbors, teachers, etc.  It pays to be bold.  However, be as businesslike with them as with personnel people.  They are, after all prospective employers.

Job Search:

Websites, newspapers, directories, local employment agencies.  If you’re reading this then you came to the right website! 

Check Out Large Organizations:

Hospitals, colleges, your local town hall, etc.; they often list all their jobs on their website, and also have human resources departments where you can inquire.  Find out where they are and check them regularly.

Go to Places That Traditionally Hire Young People:

Shopping centers and shopping malls:  Spend a day making inquiries at each place of business.  Bring lots of copies of your resume.  Also try day care centers, restaurants, and movie theaters.

Think About Summer Only Organizations:

Some places only hire in the summer, which makes them perfect for young people, local parks, amusement parks, camps, recreations centers, farms, golf courses, country clubs, political organizations, and local housing developments.



 Whom should you approach?

·         Identify the manager, director or person in charge.

·         Ask for a specific job or position or inquire about a specific area or office (I am interested in a position in your business office”).

·         Send a letter of application and a resume.

·         Try to speak to the person in charge.  Remember, the secretary cannot hire you?

How do you follow up?

·         Contact the same person whom you dealt with initially.

·         Keep calling.  Show interest and persistence.  Calling once a week is not too often unless told otherwise.

·         Be prepared to go back when asked.  It is important to be readily available for follow-up interviews.

 What about your appearance and behavior?

·         Dress appropriately for the interview.  Even if the job itself requires jeans, wait until you‘ve been hired before wearing them.

·         Be prompt.  Demonstrate by your behavior that you will be a responsible worker.

·         Treat the interviewer with thoughtfulness and respect even if it is a friend or relative you have known for a long time.



Design and organize a service:  Advertise informally in your neighborhood.  Use church or supermarket bulletin boards, make a website, and network to get the word out. You can provide babysitting, house, pet or plant sitting, lawn and garden care, window washing, or housecleaning.

 What are some services you can provide?

·         Babysitting

·         House, pet, or plant sitting

·         Lawn and garden care

·         Window washing

·         Housecleaning



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